Microsoft UltraCam at ASPRS 2012

The ASPRS 2012 conference was held last week (March 18 – 23) at the Sacramento Convention Center in sunny California. Roughly 1,150 delegates from across private and public sector organizations–including members of the Microsoft UltraCam team from our Graz, Austria and Boulder, Colorado offices–gathered for a week of presentations, exhibition, networking and a little fun.

ASPRS provides vendors with the opportunity to hold “User Group” meetings at their annual conferences and the UltraCam team uses this opportunity to present about the state of our business and products with all ASPRS attendees welcome (given that we hold private user group meetings for our customers during the year). As always, this year’s meeting was well-attended during its 4-hour duration with a lot of interest in the coming features of the soon-to-be-released UltraMap 3.0.  In addition to presentations from our team, our guests heard from Joe Hutton of Applanix , who presented on his company’s latest aerial mapping and positioning products and the UltraNav direct georeferencing and flight management system developed in partnership with the UltraCam product development team. Following Joe were presentations from Teara Fraser of Kisik Aerial Survey and Ezra Phillipse of Aerodata International Surveys, both providing excellent talks on how the UltraCam has helped their organizations, small and large, thrive.

This year’s ASPRS keynote was preceded by an “Installation of Officers and Awards” ceremony during which Vexcel Imaging founder, Dr. Franz Leberl, received a newly created ASPRS Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA) for his contribution to the development of the UltraCam large format digital aerial camera–an honor for Franz and all those involved in the UltraCam business. Pictured here is Franz along with Dr. Michael Gruber, Chief Scientist for the Microsoft UltraCam technologies.

Because the competition in the North American aerial mapping market tends to be friendly, UltraCam customers here enjoy great project partnership opportunities. With this in mind, the UltraCam team hosts a dinner each year at ASPRS to bring together attending customers and distribution partners for an evening of networking and to provide an opportunity for discussions on UltraCam-related topics such as best practices. It’s always a pleasure for our team to reconnect with so many of the “UltraCam Family” in one room and to see the camaraderie and cooperation among them.

Our exhibit booth saw more than its fair share of traffic during the conference. Our booth staff was kept busy answering questions equally about the UltraCam Eagle “ultra-large” format digital aerial camera and the new capabilities of UltraMap to generate and export high-density point clouds, digital surface models, as well as true and traditional orthophotos. ASPRS is always well-attended by university students and professors and I had the pleasure of visiting with a student who told me that his professor had returned from day one of the exhibits with one of our UltraCam Eagle image prints we made available in the booth that he had scanned. Showing this on-screen to his students, the professor pointed out how good the image looked even after scanning it, exclaiming “THAT’S resolution! THAT’S image quality!”

THAT’S what we like to hear!

– Jerry Skaw, Sales & Marketing, Microsoft UltraCam Team

The UltraCam ASPRS 2012 Team


About UltraCam Team

Vexcel Imaging is a leading provider of digital aerial cameras. Its family of UltraCam aerial sensor products includes the UltraCam Condor, UltraCam Osprey, UltraCam Eagle/EaglePrime, UltraCam Falcon/FalconPrime and and end-to-end processing with UltraMap photogrammetric workflow software. Terrestrial products include the UltraCam Mustang mobile sensor system and the UltraCam Panther portable sensor system.
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