AEROmetrex Collects 1,000,000th UltraCam Frame!

aerometrex_logoReaders of the UltraCam blog are likely familiar with Australia-based UltraCam customer, AEROmetrex who was featured here recently with their self-produced “I Fly UltraCam” video and for the super cool animations and 3D fly-throughs they have created from UltraCam imagery captures.

Well, AEROmetrex has recently done something super cool again: they have collected their 1 millionth UltraCam image frame! This is quite an accomplishment and speaks to the extent of history and experience that the company has with the UltraCam as well as in flying aerial digital missions.

HUGE congratulations to the entire AEROmetrex team. You do us proud!

Full announcement below.

– Jerry Skaw, Sales & Marketing, Microsoft UltraCam Team

AEROmetrex Collects 1,000,000th UltraCam Frame

Graz, Austria  May 2, 2013  — Microsoft customer, AEROmetrex, has achieved the impressive milestone of collecting 1,000,000 frames of UltraCam digital aerial imagery. As an early adopter of digital mapping technology, AEROmetrex has owned and operated UltraCam digital systems for eight years.

“The decision to be first in our market with a large-format digital mapping camera was not an easy one in 2005. It was a visionary move by our Director at the time,” said Mark Deuter, Managing Director, AEROmetrex. “We are still flying our UltraCamD and UltraCamX cameras purchased in 2007, and they are performing admirably for us. Our company is growing and we expect to make further UltraCam purchases in the medium-term future.”

AEROmetrex has found the UltraCam cameras to be very versatile, accurate and reliable, and extremely productive. “We can fly all resolutions from 2.5cm GSD to 90cm GSD with one camera system,” said Deuter. “We can achieve vertical accuracies of 30mm at 95% confidence interval at 2.5cm GSD, then the next day capture thousands of square kilometers of regional imagery. We have used the UltraCams in very difficult working environments, sometimes thousands of kilometers from our home base, in temperatures up to 50°C (122°F) and down to freezing. They just keep working.”

aerometrex 3dAEROmetrex is optimistic about the future growth of the company and the opportunities offered by geospatial technology. “I think we have barely begun to explore the full range of applications for accurate, high-resolution imagery and for 3D mapping from aerial imagery. It is an incredibly exciting time to be a photogrammetrist,” said Deuter. “We have seen a wave of new photogrammetric processing technologies since 2009 as well as the mass availability of 3D stereo viewing hardware (TVs, tablets and computer monitors) at affordable prices. Now we really have the ability to display our products in 3D, and it is great to see the rapid uptake and assimilation of this technology by our clients.”

Deuter continued, “Whether we are dealing with vast regional surveys or cityscape captures, or extremely-high resolution engineering surveys, the ability of imagery to capture the geometry, location, texture, color and form of any object is unparalleled. We look forward to continuing our work using UltraCam cameras and collecting another 1,000,000 frames.”

“Microsoft has enjoyed our long and successful relationship with AEROmetrex,” said Alexander Wiechert, Microsoft Business Director. “It is a major distinction to have collected 1,000,000 UltraCam frames and a clear reflection of AEROmetrex’s dedication to the geospatial profession.”

About AEROmetrex

AEROmetrex is one of Australia’s foremost companies in the field of geospatial data collection, management and distribution. With headquarters located in Kent Town, South Australia, and additional offices in Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia, AEROmetrex supports projects throughout the country. AEROmetrex serves government agencies at all levels for applications such as urban planning, environment, disaster management, defense, and infrastructure and construction surveys. It also provides geospatial services for the private sector, including mining, resource exploration, real estate, media, insurance, simulation, engineering and surveying. For more information go to or contact Mark Deuter at +61 8 8362 9911 or

About Microsoft’s UltraCam Business Unit

With its operations based in Graz, Austria, and sales and support teams in North America, Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit brings more than two decades of photogrammetry expertise to Microsoft’s Bing Maps business unit. The division is responsible for the highly successful line of UltraCam digital aerial mapping systems that today include the UltraCamLp, UltraCam Falcon, and UltraCam Eagle digital photogrammetric sensors, and the UltraCam Osprey nadir/oblique photogrammetric digital aerial sensor.  Rounding out the UltraCam offerings is the fully integrated UltraMap workflow software system, with features that include high-density 3D point cloud creation, highly accurate and detailed digital surface model (DSM) generation, and ortho mosaicing capabilities based on an automatically generated DSM or traditional DSM.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

About UltraCam Team

Vexcel Imaging is a leading provider of digital aerial cameras. Its family of UltraCam aerial sensor products includes the UltraCam Condor, UltraCam Osprey, UltraCam Eagle/EaglePrime, UltraCam Falcon/FalconPrime and and end-to-end processing with UltraMap photogrammetric workflow software. Terrestrial products include the UltraCam Mustang mobile sensor system and the UltraCam Panther portable sensor system.
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1 Response to AEROmetrex Collects 1,000,000th UltraCam Frame!

  1. niculaiudu says:

    I am proud to have been flown a lot of Projects for Aerometrex, using UCD and UCX. Congratulations and keep on target!

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